About AZ High Performance 

In 2010 AZ High Performance started as a general change consultancy firm. In 2011 we added specialist services for the dental industry. In 2014 we entered into a partnership that supports companies in setting up an international holding structure in the Netherlands.


AZ High Performance is a network organisation. It gives us the abilty to assign the right expertise to your assignment. By doing this we also prevent loading overhead on our fees. In the center of this network stands general manager Albert van der Zee.  A seasoned changemanager and coach. At the bottom of this page you will find some of the organisations he has worked with. Based on the aspects and volume of your assignement he can engage partners from within his specialist network.      


Our primary focus is on entrepreneurs in the Northern Netherlands. Choices made by enterpreneurs are strongly influenced by the local situation. We want to have knowledge of the local environment.

Our approach is handson and to-the-point. That fits the local nature and it fits us. And your are already busy enough and do not want to spend more money then necessary.

Our basic assumption is that you know your business best. We specialize in operations and change. That is where we can support you. 


To be able to perform the requested services we will access confidential information from our clients. All information received during our assignement will always be considered confidential. We will never deliver this information to a third party. Also we will never make use of this information in services delivered to others. Whenever the situation arrises where there might be a conflict of interest we will take necessary steps to prevent contamination. It could be that we will refuse an assignement for that reason alone.

General terms and conditions

All our proposals, agreements and services are performed under the general terms and conditions as registered at the chamber of commerce in the Netherlands.


All fees mentioned on this website, in our proposals and in our agreements are exclusive of local VAT unless mentioned differently.



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