Your expenses

Change will cost you money. But not to change will probaly cost you more and may threathen the future of your organisation. But even so you want to keep the expenses of your change program as low as possible and under control. In this area you may expect the following from us:

  • Initial expenses will only rel;ate to the conversations we have with you. We won't bring any "uninvited" collegeaus with an "interessting" contribution.
  • Our apporac and related expenses wioll Always be discussed with you and approved by you in advance.
  • If possible your own people will implement the change. This will anchor change in your organisation.
  • We won't change what is working right; we will not hit your organisation with a standard approach.

Your next step

The next step is the last step you need to take alone. Contact us by phone +31610834462 or send us a message. We will plan a date for our first conversation. An important conversation about the future of your organisation.


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