Our story

AZ high Performance has been founded by Albert van der Zee. This is the story about AZ High Performance.

During my profesional life I have always set high standards for myself and the people I worked with. Only the best possible result was good enough. Not seldom appreciation from managers, co-workers or staff was low. They did like the results but not the hassle to reach them. Because of that I often doubted myself. Was there the right balance between working towards succes and enjoying it.

But that all changed when I entered the board of the Dutch Judo Association and became responsible for the Netherlands Olympic Judo team. I was surrounded by Olympic, World and European champions and their coaches. People who just like me always strived for the best possible result. Why? Simply because of the kick of being the best of the world and leaving everybody behind.

From that moment on this also has been the base of my professionaal career. Passion for what you are working on. Working towards a clear ambition. Continious improvement. And the urge to be the best.

In 2010 I started AZ High Performance based on these principals. Now knowledge and experience from reaching succes in Business and  in Topsports are available for your organisation.

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