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Your situation is uinique en requires an individual approach. With your insights and our knowledge and experience we jointly develop the right approach. But some items will Always find there way. Those have been brought together in the a formula  “Albert's formula”.



Result is Development: If you want to reach a certain result you need to develop yourself and the people in your organisation.  

 A Every development starts with a clear Ambition. A good Ambition is like an Open Home. Open stands for accesability; people need to know your ambition and the should want to join in. HOME stands for the place where you want to be, the place that secures your future.
 +C To be able to reach your Ambition you will most probably need to develop new Competences.
 -O At times you will face Obstacles in reaching your Ambitions. Those Obstacles need to be removed.
 Σ The basic principle is that of microchange: big changes are the result of many small ones.

When the first changes have been set in motion interventions will increase the speed causing the change process to increase more and more until the point where the change is running almost automaticaly like a fly wheel and becomes unstopable.

 P Perseverance is needed to consolidate the Development. At times change is easy and at times it is hard and requires time and perseverance.

The iems in this formula are no constants but variables. Every changeprocess is unique en requires customization. In the process new insights arise. Adjustments will be made continously to enforce developments improve the final result.

There is still a lpot to say about the formula and the specific use in your situation.

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